4 Things to do When You Bring on a New Employee

Bringing a new employee onboard does not have to be so dreary for the rest of the employees of an organization. Typically the old employees would make a to-do-list to burden the newbie with a lot of pressure and try to impress them. But after all of this, the one thing they miss out is welcome of the new employee on board. Although a lot of organizations do orientations to welcome the new employee but it is not often enough. Any organization will have only one chance to make a good and lasting impression on the employee that is why we have shared 4 things that you can do while you bring on a new employee.

  1. Make a Welcome Strategy and Implement it

Organizations should always develop a welcome strategy for their new employees and implement it while any new employee comes in. From top to the bottom, everyone should be aware of the incoming addition and they should be nice to him or her. Don’t pressurize the newbie and do ask them how was their first day at the organization to make them more comfortable and let them be a part of this organization. This way all the related people in your organization will be playing a united role in front of the new employee and the newcomer will feel welcomed and valued.

  1. Give the New Employee a Collage

For a new employee, it will be difficult to remember all the names and faces of people in his or her office. To make it easier and helpful, the managers can try to make a collage in which every person with his/her photo is named in a colorful way. One can also add some personal information about the peers too in the collage card like their hobbies, pets, common quotations etc. Try to include the details that are okay with the people to share and not offensive to them at all. Instead of providing the newbie with the organizational chart and stuff, this would be a more welcoming and sweet way. This way the new employees will be released from too much pressure and feel comfortable around people.

  1. Assign a Mentor to the New Employee

When you bring a new employee on board, he or she should not be confused to run into different directions as they know nothing of where to start work and where not. In an organization, he or she should be assigned a mentor or a person who would spend time with the newbie and tell him about the system around. The assigned mentor can also take the new employee to the lunch, organizational tour, or to his office, desk and explain everything which he or she has to do.

  1. Show a Genuine Interest

It is your job to welcome the new employee in different ways but one can really show his or her gratitude towards the newbie. So, maybe give them the appreciation they want to hear or show them in a way they prefer.

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