5 Apps to Increase your Business Efficiency

No matter what kind of business you are running, being efficient is mandatory. It must be kept in mind that strategies and techniques are not sufficient if a business does not own the apps that are required to implement them. Nowadays, you can easily find a lot of apps that promise to increase your business efficiency. But only few of these apps are considered best for raising business productivity.

  1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords app is not just fast but also impressive. This app allows a business to manage its PPC campaigns. Managers of a business can easily modify keyword bids. Moreover, they can also disable or enable ads, ad groups, and campaigns. Small details from a business can quickly be handled by means of AdWords app.

  1. Cisco Spark

This little app sends emails every morning. It is just like a virtual assistant for you that provides you a complete summary of your everyday tasks. Cisco spark app will list down all the essential tasks and also give the time limit for each of these tasks. It is also capable of managing your team and reminds relevant individuals of projects, meetings and tasks.

  1. Facebook Ads Manager

Gone are the days when business entities only used Google for advertising purposes. These days, many social media websites are also used to advertise products and services. For example, Facebook allows the advertisers to handle their accounts quite easily. Facebook ads manager app has gained much popularity in the past few years. This app allows you to run Facebook ad campaigns in an efficient manner. With this app, advertisers can resume or pause campaigns, edit schedules and budgets, respond to the alerts and view insights. Additionally, advertisers can monitor ad performance, edit existing ads, create new ads and get push notifications. These notifications are basically the alerts that inform you about the expiration and performance of running ads.

  1. Google Docs

Many people have heard about Google docs, an easy and efficient word processing program. Business personnel can easily export in and out the Microsoft word documents from this app. All the Microsoft Word documents synchronize with Google Drive, which is a free of cost cloud storage service. For many years, many IT companies were trying to launch a useful word processing app in which there is a proper balance between required features and easiness of use but they failed to do so. Google Docs contains all the needed features and the documents can be shared, synced, protected and saved with a 4-digit password. Now you don’t need a computer/laptop to write and edit docs as you can use this app on any mobile device.

  1. Go-To-Meeting

No doubt, meetings are an essential part of every business. With Go-To-Meetings app, a group of people can meet up without physically having to be there. This app allows the business entities to join or create meetings anywhere, anytime. The video and sound quality of this app is quite trustworthy but you have to use a good internet connection.

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