5 Things Every Retailer Wants to Hear About New Products

Choosing the right product to sell in the market means more customers and obviously, more profit. Especially if you are launching a new product and want it to reach a wider audience, then you should be able to reach retailers by using a retail pitch plan that can be a quick list of stores you want to approach.

Here are 5 things that every retailer wants to hear about new products, so make sure your product is that worthy.

  1. High customer engagement

No matter how cool your product is, if the customers are not engaged in it or aren’t interested in your product then it won’t be possible for a retailer to choose your product. This is the most important thing that a retailer would like to hear about new products, that they sell.

  1. Positive response

If your product has drawn interest but you’re not getting a positive response, then it is likely few retailers will want to carry your product. Top retailers only pick new products customers like.

  1. Budget-friendly

If you think that over pricing your product will attract retailers, you are wrong. Retailers have many new products to choose from and only if they find your new product affordable and worth the price, then it is more likely many retailers will want to purchase your product.

  1. Ability to keep up with the demand

If your new product has potential to attract more customers and more retailers, then you should always be ready to keep up with the demand.  If you are unable to keep up with the demand for your product, no retailers are going to be willing to work with you.

  1. Low competition, high demand

Whenever a new product launches with few competitors as time passes the market will grow and many competitors will enter the arena. Top retailers love to get new products that have low competition and are more exclusive because this way they don’t have to compete for profits.

Bonus Tip: How to get your product in front of a retailer?

Your main focus should always revolve around fulfilling the needs and creating a comfortable relationship with the top retailers, this way your new product won’t just hit the horizons of success but also be popular among a large number of people. Always make sure the retailer or distributor you are after is worth it or not, if you are just knocking on the wrong door, you won’t really get much out of your extensive effort.

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