5 Tips to Connect With Your Ideal Customers on Instagram

In this world of technology where the world has converted into a global village, people focus on their social media accounts more than anything else. The companies who know how to take advantage ofsocial media, gain more customers than anyone else can.

In a survey,out of2500+ influencers, 60% of them consideredInstagramthe best platform for engagement. That Instagramis long gone where people used to upload their photos just to show their friends and family, Instagramhas turned into one of the major tools for marketing and business. If you are also using Instagramfor business and connecting with your ideal customers, here are some tips that might help you out.

  1. Enhance your Instagram reach

The more people know about your Instagrambusiness account, the more chances there are to gain ideal customers. Reaching a large audience can help you engage with many people and converting some of the target audience into your ideal customers forever! Here are some things you can do to improve your Instagram reach.

  • Use Instagram#hashtags to make your public posts more visible to the target audience. It is recommendedto use 3 to 5 hashtags because too many can make your post look like a spam.
  • Use your company orbusiness name for targeting local audience
  • Use your product’s name to promote and market it
  • Always make sure to post according to your audience rather than fulfilling your own needs.
  1. Put a value in every post

Rather than throwing useless promotional posts, learn to play with words and visuals. Honestly, people don’t care about your product or company unless you are delivering them something really useful. To gain their trust put a value in every post, make it look interesting, unique, informational, motivating or funny. Such posts won’tjust help promote your business but also make a good impression.

  1. Improve your response rate

Responding to the people who are confused about your product or service in a professional way can open many paths of connecting with ideal customers. No matter they are throwing loads of questions or bashing about something they don’t like, you have to respond at any cost, who knows that specific person turns intoyour forever customer because of your positive response?

According to a study, on average, a happy customer refers 6 people about the product or service he is happy about and on the other side,an unhappy customer will more likely share it with 15 people or more.

  1. Include a CTA (call to action)

The most important step in connecting with your ideal customers on Instagramis including a call to action. It can be inyour bio or under every post. Use something creative to grab their attention. Take help of these lines “Like this pic if you agree”, “tag your friends who would love this”. Using this tactic can help you gain more target customers.

  1. Focus on your target audience in posts, not yourself

Many businesses rather than focusing on their target audience, focus onpromoting their product and service. Be different, focus on the needs of your target audience and look for ways to fulfillthem through your posts.

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