5 Ways to Handle Negative Reviews

If there is positivity, there is negativityaround too. All you need to is to deal with negativity in a way that you can look professional and decent. If you are in the retail business, you will see many customers complimenting about the products and some will also be bashing on those same products. Just think that customers are always right and you have to walk intheir shoes to understand them better.

Here is a list of 5 ways you can implement in your business to handle negative reviews.

  1. Look at the positive side of the negative review

A negative review might be crucial for the business but on the other hand,it can also prove to be something great for your business’s future. See what the customer is complaining about, is it related to a staff member, your product, or cleanliness? Consider that negative review as an opportunity to change something for good.

  1. Don’t ignore the negative, respond to it

You must show professionalism in every aspect of your business, either it is with the sales management or negative reviews. You should respond to the negative review in a positiveway, it will increase customer advocacy. If you simply decide to ignore the review, it will not be good for your business, people will think that you can’t handle criticism and the negative review is the truth behind your work.

  1. Be polite for the sake of your business’s future

Politenessis the key to professionalism and everyone adores it, even your critics. So you must be polite in every aspect to cherish your business. Suppose you get a reallyharsh and negative review from a customer that is really shooting up your blood pressure, but before responding it think for a while that you are not representing a single person, you are representingthe entire business, so you must take every step with extreme care because a single bad thing can be criticalfor your business. So in order to respond to that negative review, start by saying something like:

“Thank you for your feedback, we are sorry for the inconvenience, we hope we can surely do something to help you out in this regard. Kindly contact us so we can speak about your experience in detail”

  1. Answer with a personalized response

People really like if you respond to their negative review with a personalized message, it makes them think that you really care abouttheir opinion. If you use the same message again and again for every other customer, they will think that you are trying to ignore them.

Answering with a personalized response can really handle a negative review in a great way.

  1. Don’t just delete those reviews, face them professionally

Deleting those reviews might be able to help you in a short run, but how many reviews can you delete? Make sure you are working on those reviews by matching those negative things stated in the review,with your business. If those bad things are present in your business, you must work on eliminating them.

Don’t worry if you get some negative reviews because it is completely normal to have some unsatisfiedcustomers. Showing other people all the negative reviews will make them think that you do not have anything to hide, which can increase their trust for you.

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