Build a Great Landing Page

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

Your landing page is where the potential customers who click on your ads will be led to. It is up to you not to blow the sale by having a terrible landing page. You want the potential customer to take an action of making a purchase or subscribing, make the landing page well designed and clean. Topnotch is the word you should be able to call your landing page when you see it.

Tips on how to build an awesome landing page will be shared with you.

Clean and Organised Design

You have to be on point with the aesthetics on your landing page. Let the page be clean, having enough white space and let the designed be organized. You want to make an impression.

Be a Minimalist

Don’t put too much in your landing page. Let potential customers know where they have to go to for more information or to land the purchase. Be clear about the navigation.

Use Header to Broadcast Offer Value

Let your header be put to good use. It will be the first thing that will meet their eyes, send them a message with it. Let it bear an offer value and make it compelling enough.

Good Landing Pages Make Use of Abundant Trust Signals

Your potential customers need to feel more secure that they are making the right decisions; use trust signals to give them that reassurance. Trust signals are elements that are often displayed on websites. For instance, a money back guarantee, reviews by other customers etc.

Make Your Page Mobile Friendly

There are websites that are not mobile compatible. They become unnecessarily wide and jam-packed on mobile phone screens. Don’t be like that, get your web developer to use Bootstrap or any other program to make your website mobile friendly.

Keep Your Forms Short

Don’t ask too many questions; people feel uncomfortable that way. More long forms discourage people from moving on. Only ask the necessary questions. Keep the form short and attractive. If possible, have drop down options to suggest.

The Final Hallmark of a Good Landing Page is Testing

Testing a landing page is seeing how it improves your conversion rate. Thus, you have two navigation bars and see which gains the interest of your customers the more. To ensure that you have the best features of your website and to give the best experience, you should keep testing.

What is the Goal?

What are you driving at with the landing page? Are you looking to have more subscribers or to make sales? You must identify your goal and your landing page must be specifically planned and organized to achieve it.

Who Am I Competing Against?

Know your competitors and see how you can be better. You should see the level at which your competitor(s) is operating and see how you can raise the standard. Use your landing page as a much better alternative to your competitor. Also utilize trust signals effectively.

Who is My Audience?

This is another question you have to answer. Your audience will have their preferences. Are you selling to audience who are young? Let your landing have a welcoming effect of youth. Know your audience and it will help you see how your landing page will be.

How Did They Get to My Landing Page?

You should know how potential customers get to your landing page. This is to know how you can intensify advertizing on that platform. If you are getting the customers from Good Ads, bid higher on keywords. If it’s on Facebook, do well to increase effort.

Provide High Quality Content That Inspires Confidence

Let your landing page give value to visitors. Whether they want to make purchases or subscribe, give them information that can spur them to action. Get good content providers to write for you.

Make it Easy to Convert

Converting visitors or making them take actions is very easy. Give clear actions words like: sign up, try it, get it here, contact us. Make this call to action clearly displayed and it should be a button looking like a button; not something they can just gloss over. Also ensure that your buttons are clickable.

Have a Flawless Design

Make your design one with flaws or mistakes. Forget the statement “any mistake in art is a design”. You are not painting; you’re selling. Thus, ensure that your web designer does a well designed and clean job on your landing page.

Have a Clear Call to Action

Be clear and specific. Let your call to action be easily identifiable. It should not be lost in a jumble of words. It should stand clearly on its own.

Create Eye-Catching Headlines

Before visitors scroll down to read the bulk of your content, they are met with the headline. Let the headline be eye-catching. It must be able to draw the potential customers to scroll down for more.

Make it About the Visitor

It is not about you; it is about the customers getting enchanted and taking an action. Use words that put the customer in charge. Let the customer feel empowered. Be very suggestive in your approach.

Make Use of Video Where Appropriate

An interesting video which charges the customer to take an action can be very helpful. However, know where to use it. The infographic nature of videos can tell more about the value you have to offer.

Have an Awesome Offer

Having been able to enchant your potential customers, don’t blow it with an uninspiring offer. Get an awesome offer to complete the job. You can even put up a discount on shipping; or make it free.

Easy to Scan at a Quick Glance

Let your landing page be an easy one to scan at a quick glance. With just one scroll, let your message be passed across. Use bold headings and clear words.

In conclusion, your landing page should land you a large conversion rate. Test and keep optimizing it to make it more efficient.

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