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Top 3 Grocery Independent Distributors

Grocery stores are an important part of our lives. It is no wonder Americans spend about $650 billion on groceries each year, with the average American spending about forty-one minutes on grocery shopping. New entrants into independent grocery distributors must understand that they must build a working relationship with grocery retailers to be successful in this ratchet. They must effortlessly research their preferred niche and the best way to hold their head against the storm. Here are the top grocery independent distributors in the United States.


It is no brainer that SpartanNash is the top grocery independent distributor in the United States. Excellent customer-centric service has continued to push SpartanNash sphere of business influence to brand new heights as it now supplies a whopping 2,100 independent grocery retail stores across the united states. 

Independently operating about 155 stores, SpartanNash’s efficient business model has continued to draw investments to its ever-expanding business. A deliberate effort to ensure that associated retailers enjoy a working, value-adding partnership with SpartanNash cements the brand as the best wholesale distributor in the US. An insistence on quality supplies from local, regional and international farms and partners ensures that SpartanNash is synonymous with quality. This top grocery independent distributor towers above others because of its strict commitment to value-added partnerships with associated independent retailers.

United Natural foods

As its name suggests, United Natural foods are one of the most successful natural food distributors in the United States and Canada. Its massive inventory includes fresh out of farm grocery, personal care products, perishables, and none food items from local entrepreneurs and international brands. With over 2000 trucks at their employ, United Natural Foods can easily supply retailers in the United States and Canada at a very competitive price. A team of dedicated customer care professionals is always around to assist associated retailers and offer expert advice on ways to maximize sales and profit. 

Customers can also create a flexible pricing system that allows them to keep prices low without hurting the business. This independent grocery distributor has weathered many storms and has continued to witness massive business growth for the past four decades. With satisfying its retail customers as a top priority, United Natural Foods will continue to grow in leaps and bounds.


Located in America’s pacific northwest, Hummingbird is a family-owned independent grocery distributor on a noble mission to ensure every American has access to high-quality, GMO-free organic grocery. To ensure that only organic products specifically produced meet the high-quality standard set by Hummingbird, a working collaboration was entered with some select local farmers. 

This family-owned independent grocery distributor ranks high because of its strict adherence to quality, sustainable, and environmentally friendly agriculture. The company has an audacious goal of reducing its carbon footprint to the barest minimum by utilizing energy-saving cargo tricycles for its operation.


The United States is replete with thousands of independent grocery distributors; few were able to tick all the right boxes. SpartanNash, United Natural food, and Hummingbird emerged as the top 3 grocery independent distributors.  

Top 3 Grocery Independent Retailers

According to statistics, an average American spends about $120 on grocery shopping every week. It will be a massive understatement to say grocery shopping is one of Americans’ favorite pastimes. Businesses have continued to emerge to tap from the huge market potentials of independent grocery retailing. Here are the top independent grocery retailers that have left their indelible footprints on America’s independent grocery retailing sector.

Northgate Gonzalez Market

Northgate Gonzalez Market is one of America’s most successful independent grocery retailers. They offer same-day delivery on fresh and organic Hispanic groceries through their website and physical store; For mouth-watering food recipes for foodies, you may wish to check their comprehensive website for healthy food recipes and cooking tips. Customers can also order already prepared, delicious Mexican meals, high-quality meat, bolillos, and Mexican sweet bread. 

One of Northgate Gonzalez market’s selling points is the relative ease of shopping on their platform and a customer service department that cares and listens to your complaint.

Town And Country Supermarket

Town and Country supermarket has been offering high-quality groceries since 1954, when Wayne Gott conceived the idea of a customer-friendly grocery store. Ever since its establishment, this independent grocery retailer has continued to serve America’s grocery needs efficiently. Town and Country supermarket has five departments, namely, meat, produce, deli, bakery, and pharmacy in their stores. Top-quality products can be purchased from any of these departments using generous coupons, which is Town and Country supermarket’s way of thanking their loyal customers for sticking around.

Some of the services and programs offered to customers are glen smokehouse, where delicious brisket, turkey breast, sandwiches, pulled pork are served while customers enjoy free wifi. Town and Country supermarket also offers a wide range of Asian delicacies carefully prepared by trained and well-experienced chefs. Other menus to enjoy are spring bowls, savory donburi bowls, spicy tuna roll, just to mention a few.

C & K Market

C & K market offers a wide range of fresh GMO-free, organic grocery products at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for high-quality, affordable meat, fresh fish, meat, and veggies, look no further than C & K market. Established in the year 1956, C & K market made it to the top grocery independent retailers because of its massive commitment to noble ideals like ending breast cancer, a charitable endowment to children that are victims of unfortunate circumstances, just to mention a few. C & K market corporate social responsibility aims to give back to the society some of its generated revenue and encourage a culture of giving by businesses. When you shop for groceries at C & K market, you are not only enjoying high-quality groceries, you are contributing to the fight against breast cancer and helping children to reach their full potential.


There seems to be a growing campaign against groceries that contain GMOs in the United States; top grocery independent retailers must be abreast of these campaigns and consider offering organic products or risk going out of business. They must always reconcile quality with affordability or risk being swept away by big grocery chains.