Do This Before the Next Conference You Attend

Attending a conference can be very beneficial to your career and personal life because of the people you will meet and the overall positive environment.  It is really important to get yourself mentally and physically ready for the next big event. Attending a conference can make you aware of the latest market trends, increase or boost up your skills, let you know about the experiences people faced and not to mention the connections you make.

Here are 5 quick and smart ways to follow and make your next conference incredible:

  1. Preplan your hit list

Doesn’t it feel good to have connections with someone reputable professionals in your industry? Of course, it does! Create a list of people you would like to network with and meet at the conference. You can start by looking into the social media for the conference information to find the list of the attendees or panelists, if you are unable to find the information on social media look on the companies website. It will help you make strong connections with great people at the conference.

  1. Prepare some smart ice breaker questions

It is really important to be a good conversationalist who knows how to talk to people without losing their interest. In order to have the most interactive and stimulating conversations, prepare some ice breaker questions to establish good rapport. Here are some questions to start your interactive chit chat from.

  • What are some of your short term goals?
  • What do you expect to learn from this conference?
  • What is the most valuable career advice you have been given?
  1. Take your business cards with you

Make sure to bring business cards with your personal contact information. It does not matter if you don’t have multi-million dollar massive business that is making you millions of dollars, you need to make and secure connections with different people. People like it when others are prepared, so have your business cards ready.

  1. Free your mind from any kind of obstacle

To attend a conference and gain something great out of it you need to have an empty and relaxed mind that is free from any distractions.  Complete everything before attending the conference so you can focus all of your energy on networking and being present.

  1. Wear the best from the rest

Do you know that even before you communicate with someone your clothes speak for you? Yes, they certainly do! You should always dress professionally to a conference, but make sure you feel comfortable as it is likely you will be wearing these clothes for multiple hours.

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