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About 1888 Coffee Company

Our coffee-growing estate was established more than 130 years ago in the fertile lands above Veracruz. Blessed by high altitude along with tropical sun and rain, the land’s rich, volcanic soil provides the ideal environment for the cultivation of Arabica beans.

Nature, skilled growers and close proximity to shipping access have made the mountainous lands of Veracruz the second-largest coffee-growing region in Mexico. Vegetation thrives here in what is called a “Cloud Forest,” along the “Veracruzana Coffee Route.” Farmers and master roasters have been producing the world’s finest coffees here for more than a century.

“Our dedication to providing the best quality of coffee to coffee lovers the world over also includes a commitment to our workers. This means doing all we can to help ensure that the workers who earn a living in the coffee fields of Mexico and other countries have access to clean water, housing, and education, for themselves and their families.”

~ Armando Ruiz Galindo, Ruiz Galindo Family Coffee Roasting Hacienda

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