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About Arkus Daily by Native Microbials

Arkus Daily is the only canine probiotic made with microbes sourced from healthy dogs. This is novel because the microbes in other dog probiotics use strains that come from external sources such as yogurt, soil, and humans, making them unlikely to provide lasting benefits for the animal. Dog-native microbes are more likely to colonize and positively influence the dog’s microbiome, which makes the dog’s gut more resilient to negative influences like pathogens and harmful bacteria.

We’ve spent several years sampling dog fecal matter and mapping out the dog microbiome to determine the microbes that are most impactful for digestion and immune health. The three microbes that we selected perform critical functions in the gut and are exclusive to the product. The product is all natural, containing only 5 ingredients, including the 3 native dog microbes. Compare our ingredient panel to any other product and you’ll see that Arkus Daily is the cleanest, most all-natural product available.

Arkus Daily supports a stronger immune system, a resilient digestive tract, a reduction in gas, consistent, firm poop, and a shinier, healthier coat – resulting in a more energetic, fit and happy dog. It is steroid free, non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and allergen-free. The product comes in powdered form as a food topper and is manufactured in the USA.

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