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At Banner Road, we believe that superior results are achieved through the careful selection of organic whole food ingredients and the intuitive balance of flavors and textures. The relationships we forge with our vendors and growers are crucial to us. Our six granolas showcase organic thick rolled oats and quinoa, a plethora of nuts, seeds and dried fruits, extra virgin olive oil and pure Vermont maple syrup or honey. As chefs, we employ some unique processes to achieve our remarkable textures and flavors and don’t concede until we find that illusive “WOW” factor. We hope you agree once you’ve tried our products!

What also sets us apart:

• High ratio of fruit & nuts to oats. Other brands have higher quantities of oats… which cost less than fruit & nuts. This is part of why our products taste so good!

• No added sugars. Pure Cane Sugar, Brown Sugar, or Coconut Sugar (all processed sugars!) are often high on other brands’ ingredient statements listings. Our sugars come from natural (and more costly) sources – fruit, honey, maple syrup. This is part of why our products taste so good!

• Chef-made recipes. Utilizing unique flavors and textures. Yes, it’s part of what makes our products taste so good!

• Superior packaging. Our tubes protect product during shipping, so you won’t find pulverized granola dust at the bottom of our packages. And we don’t use plastic in our packaging – our tubes are biodegradable, unlike the plastic used by all other granola brands.

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