Banyan Thai Cuisine

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About Banyan Thai Cuisine

Banyan Thai Cuisine is a female owned food manufacturer specializing in authentic Thai sauces. The company was founded by chef Kamolporn Sungthong, a native of Bangkok who now resides in New York. Upon arriving in America, Kamolporn soon discovered that there are no high quality, genuinely Thai curry sauces available on the market. Kamolporn established Banyan Thai Cuisine to fill this gap. Her vision is to bring the extraordinary flavors of real Thai cuisine to the American consumer.

Banyan Thai currently produces a line of four delicious curries: Massaman, Penang, Yellow, and Green. Our curries are made from all-natural ingredients sourced directly from Thailand and prepared using traditional Thai cooking techniques. The key to our exceptional flavor profile is a unique blend of herbs and spices. Our sauces have a rich, creamy texture and a delightful aroma. They can be used with meat, fish or vegetables. They will turn any meal into a truly memorable culinary experience.

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