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About BeeNZ

BeeNZ are suppliers of Premium New Zealand Honeys including all grades of Manuka.

B-Corp certified – business for good, ethically, and sustainably supplied honey
Compliance assurance including FDA, Kosher, Halal and Organic ( if applicable)

We care for healthy colonies of bees who gather the nectar around them and turn it into the honey we love.
David Hayes, our co-founder and head honey Meister, accepts no compromise. From the moment the honey enters our very own certified honey facility, everything must be perfect to meet David’s standards.

From the temperature of the honey as we begin to work it to the speed of the churns that gently fold BeeNZ honey into its signature velvet grade texture, if it’s not perfect, it doesn’t make the cut.

Each batch of honey takes up to 3 days to reach the signature quality that makes BeeNZ unique.

Once a batch of BeeNZ has been crafted and, in the case of our Manuka Honeys, have been independently tested for their UMF Factor, it’s time to bottle them.

Whether your customer uses BeeNZ Honey in drinks, in cooking, for their health, or eaten by itself in a large spoonful we hope they feel the purity of its provenance, and the purely extraordinary journey it went through to be with them.

New Zealand Manuka & Kanuka honey containing minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other nutritional substances which heroes it has superfood and a natural go to for people that live a healthy and active lifestyle.

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