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Bespoke Extracts Inc. provides top quality CBD, CBG, and CBN products – precision-formulated for the safest and most effective wellness experience in the market. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality, best tasting hemp-derived CBD extract products and hold ourselves accountable for maintaining the highest possible standards in our business operations. We honor this commitment in the growth and extraction of our hemp, our carefully crafted products, and our meticulous manufacturing procedures.

We’ve built an array of formulas for women, athlete’s and veteran’s to name a few. Our newest products, topical Manuka Honey creams and tinctures just dropped! Like cannabis used in health and ritualistic practices, honey has similarly been one of the world’s most valued and versatile of the super-foods for thousands of years. Besides being a reliable delicious addition to everything from pancakes and salads to tea and smoothies, honey, like CBD, is one of nature’s most powerful medicinals.

Our Manuka Honey + CBD cream for hands and body offers you the benefits of Manuka honey, the inflammatory and pain support of CBD, plus the soothing, calming properties of menthol extract. This topical treatment will enhance your skincare regimen. Use sparingly on sore, dry skin, or when experiencing muscle or joint pain. Manuka Honey + CBD Cream will nourish your skin and provide supportive care to soft tissues.

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