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About Bloomi Tea

Bloomi Tea is a woman-founded brand offering a high-quality product with a unique value proposition and attractive design. The product delivers an easy-to-go setting without compromising quality and provides superfood health benefits to consumers.

Since the turn of the Millenium, tea consumption in the United States has grown dramatically, and it’s now the beverage of choice for a whole generation of health-conscious people, who now can appreciate the high-quality tea Bloomi offers them in a convenient to-go cuppa.

Modern people want their cup of tea with minimal mess-free preparation to suit any lifestyle. We offer exactly that! Bloomi Tea™ presents an innovative organic loose-leaf tea in a convenient to-go cup, “Your SmarTea Cuppa™. Bloomi Tea uses only organic premium loose-leaf tea combined with superfoods. Just add water and enjoy our premium quality beverage enriched with super flowers and botanicals.

Forget flimsy bleached bags of second-class teas. We stand for the highest quality and nutritional value of each one of our products.

We are a health-driven family and devoted tea lovers who believe in the healing power of premium loose-leaf tea. At home, we mixed and brewed our favorite flavors; however, being busy people on-a the go, we struggled to find a quick solution to have a perfectly balanced cuppa anytime, anywhere. So we decided to bring our know-how innovatively and attractively to the masses.

Our trademarked “Your SmarTea Cuppa” cradles the 4700 years old tea ceremony of organic, loose-leaf tea collected from the selenium-rich Hubei soil of China. We are bringing you a set of elite, biodegradable, double-walled, pleasantly tactile, esthetically crafted, and ergonomic paper cups with lids. Carefully crafted blends are hidden at the bottom of the cuppa and protected by an environmentally friendly membrane.

Fully biodegradable and eco-friendly, USDA and EU-approved, our innovative and intelligent cuppa is the smartest way to go. Due to the high quality of loose-leaf tea, our cuppa offers multiple refills without sacrificing its flavor and nutritional value.

We can customize our packaging to suit any shelve sizing requirements.

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