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About BruChai, LLC

BruChai’s patented tea pot simplifies & enhances the traditional tea brewing process through its many patented features.We’re dedicated to helping you brew the perfect cup of chai with minimal effort. Using a combination of traditional brewing techniques and modern solutions, we’ve patented a brewer that allows you to recreate a traditionally brewed cup of chai without the lengthy and laborious process that usually comes with it.

BruChai’s patented tea pot alleviates many of the struggles traditional tea brewing creates. From the cool-to-touch handle design, zero-drip spout, zero-mess pour, to avoiding having to remove/add the tea pot onto the heat source, BruChai saves time and enhances the tea brewing experience.

Our Mission is to make an impact towards preservation of Lands & waters.We plant a tree with every order and by doing so, actively make the planet better than before your purchase.

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