CAFF Energy Bite

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CAFF is an all natural energy bite, made with dates, cacao, and green tea caffeine.

The highlights:

  • SUSTAINED ENERGY, WITHOUT THE JITTERS – Harness the upsides of caffeine without the side effects. Caffeine in food digests slower and steadier than liquids, eliminating crashes & jitters and preventing acid reflux & teeth stains.
  • POCKET-SIZED CONVENIENCE – Our caffeine bars are small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, or bag. Too busy to make or buy a coffee? No matter. These energy boost bites are available whenever, wherever.
  • ORGANIC, VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, & MADE WITH ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Made with ingredients you know, love, and can pronounce, our energy chocolate is made with primarily dates, semi-sweet chocolate, cacao, and green tea infused caffeine.
  • LOW IN CALORIES & NO ADDED SUGAR – Guilt-free yet delicious caffeinated chocolate, somehow without added sugar (basically caffeinated candy)! And our caffeine chocolate bites are low calorie (only 15 calories per bite).
  • DOSABLE – Calibrate your caffeine intake to your energy needs with these caffeine bites, eliminating jitters and crashes. 1 bite = espresso (65mg caffeine ). 2 bites = drip coffee. 3 bites = cold brew.

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