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Camelina Oil is The New Standard For High-Omega Plant – Based Fatty Acids.

Camelina Oil is Nature’s Perfect Omega -3 rich oil, it’s the heart healthy oil you’ve never heard of.

Camelina sativa is a flowering plant in the Brassicaceae (Mustard) family commonly known as False Flax or Gold of Pleasure. Camelina is a crop native to Finland, Romania, and regions east of the Ural Mountains of western Russia. Seeds and capsules of the crop have been found in archaeological excavations from the Bronze Age in Scandinavia. The crop has been an important oil crop for centuries with references to its cultivation in Germany as far back as 600 BC. Camelina is well renowned for its therapeutic and healing properties due to its high Omega-3 content.

Camelina has been studied for its health benefits in humans and animals by scientists around the world. Some of the most recent and important scientific discoveries of Camelina’s health benefits include:

Alpha- linolenic acid(ALA) is likely responsible for much of Camelina oil’s cholesterol – lowering benefits, According to Iowa State University, 94% of the fatty acids in Camelina Oils are unsaturated, and 38% are ALA. For comparison‘s sake, canola oil’s ALA content is 6.6%, and sunflower oil contains no ALA, per Oregon State University.

The Omega-3 ALA in camelina has long been known as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that may reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer, while also improving brain function due to its complete and uniquely balanced omega profile, which contains more than twice the amount of Omega-3 (~38%), as compared to omega-6 (~18%). Camelina oil also contains powerful carotenoids and phosphatides which help slow the aging process and prevent DNA damage. Adding all-natural, high-omega camelina oil as an everyday health supplement to the human diet has many distinct advantages.

At Camelina Sun, we develop and manufacture pure, high- omega, FDA GRAS – approved Camelina Oil and Camelina Meal Products through the sustainable production of Camelina sativa oilseed crops.

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