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Specialty Whipped Ghee
Discover our Specialty Whipped Ghee, the healthier butter alternative with all the creamy texture and rich taste without the dairy. Available in Plain, Garlic Infused, and Black Truffle flavors, our ghee is lactose-free, non-GMO, and organic—perfect for health-conscious consumers.

Available in:
Plain: Unsalted (6.5oz bottles)
Garlic Infused: Unsalted (6.5oz bottles)
Black Truffle: Lightly salted with real truffles (3oz bottle)

Olive Tapenade
Our Olive Tapenade, known as “The Vegan Caviar,” offers a robust, luxurious flavor that elevates any dish. Made with 100% natural, keto-friendly ingredients without additives, it transforms meals into gourmet experiences.

Available in:
Original: 8oz bottles

Better Than Garlic
“Better Than Garlic” enhances your cooking instantly with its all-natural, versatile spice base. Ideal for both raw and cooked dishes, it saves time and boosts flavor without additives, aligning with vegan and keto diets.

Available in:
Original: 8oz bottles

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