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We are a premier coffee company that focuses on high quality flavors unlike any other coffee brand. With licensing deals with Dippin’ Dots®, PEBBLES®, POST® Cereal and more to come, we are breaking ground in the coffee space that is sure to bring new eyes and new excitement to the coffee aisles! We are a massive e-commerce brand that is now ready to better serve our customers in stores. With over 250,000 orders shipped and 200M people reached, we know we will be a recognizable brand in stores all across the US! We share the names and location of every store that carries our brand on our social media profiles, which include 130k on Instagram and 80k on FB. Whether it’s Coffee, Hydrates or our Nootropic creamers, we hope to find a fit for all store types and build a successful relationship!

How we came about:
Odds are, you fell in love with coffee in your teenage years like the rest of us. In fact, it’s probably your longest relationship to date. Your ride or die. Coffee has always been there for you – on the roughest mornings and on the latest nights. Then, coffee kind of got “trendy” and really expensive. Not to mention without the pumps of vanilla, cream & sweeteners, it didn’t even taste good! After 10 years of subpar coffee, it was time to change the game. The solution: a coffee company created for go-getters who don’t want to drink a ridiculous amount of calories to have some flavor. In 2017, Coffee Over Cardio® was brewed for the first time and we haven’t looked back since! Cheers to a brand that has your best cup at heart.
We A Deserve A “holy S#*t that’s good” cup of coffee!

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