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DNVR [8] is more than just a brand with award-winning formula’s and rigorous quality control measures, but an experience, through using our home, Colorado, home of the cannabinoid wellness but also known for its world-renowned landscapes, captivating street art and beautiful people as our back bone.

Did you also know, the traditional CBD Molecule used in majority of brands today is about 4,400 Nanometers….

We use a Nano Technology that breaks down the Cannabinoid molecule to <100 nanometers (4x less than the traditional size) to allow for:

  • Proper Dosage
  •  Increased BioAvailability
  •  Elevated Absorption (Fast Acting)
  • Enhanced Stability (Last Longer)

We then blend this application with natural ingredients such as Vitamin B-12, Melatonin Free Sleep Aid blend, Cayenne and Peppermint (Rub) to name a few for our product lines

Our Consumers Seek:

  • Mental Clarity & Focus
  • Topical Relief
  • Good nights Rest
  • Enlightened Health
  • Social Anxiety & Stress Alternative
  • Overall Mood Enhancement

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