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Elderberry Family Farms provides a diverse line of Elderberry supplements and products. Our products are made on our family farm where multiple generations of family work together to grow elderberries and create these products. We pride ourselves on using only natural ingredients – no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, etc. Our mission is to Empower Natural Health by making great-quality elderberry products in many forms for people’s various tastes and preferences.

* Our Elderberry Syrup offers one of the highest concentrations of Elderberry per serving available in a syrup form. We use our delicious, original family recipe that even tastes great on your pancakes. Local honey from the farm next door sweetens our syrup.

* With 1,000 mg of Elderberry extract per serving and 60 servings per container, our ‘Just Elderberry’ Concentrate offers a great value in an easy-to-use small bottle. This product is also a great option for diabetics as it does not contain sweeteners.

* Our wide variety of Elderberry Herbal Tea Blends offer a flavor for every palate. This makes drinking Elderberry tea enjoyable for everyone. As a bonus, our tea blends include other herbs, plants, and fruits that are well known for Empowering Natural Health in various body systems.

* Our ‘Elderberry Plus’ tinctures are unique in that they are alcohol-free. In addition to Elderberries, our Immune Support tincture includes 2 types of echinacea, raspberry leaf, and rose hips. Our Respiratory Support tincture includes marshmallow root, mullein, wild cherry, licorice root, ginger root, and lemon peel.

* We offer Elderberry jam in two flavors- Elderberry Honey and Elderberry Orange Honey jam. Again, we use honey as an all-natural sweetener to complement the health benefits.

* Finally, for those who prefer to make their own Elderberry products, we offer make-it-yourself kits, dried elderberries, and elderberry juice powder.

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