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About Far West Rice

Far West Rice is a family owned and operated Rice company that mills and markets many different rice varieties. Founded in 1985, Far West has always had the goal to bring a memorable culinary experience to all who eat our rice. We are different from many rice mills in that we operate almost entirely using a large solar array. This solar installation helps reduce up to 1,330,020 LBs worth of CO2 per year. In other words, it equates to 2,053 acres of trees planted or 20.5 Million miles-not-driven. Far West Rice continues to be highly sustainable in this way.

Komachi rice is a medium grain Calrose rice variety. It is ideal for many different uses, including as an ingredient in sushi, or as a side dish for other meals. Far West Rice makes use of specialized Japanese equipment to create a high-quality finished product. Our product goes through a process known as “Kapika polishing”. This is similar to the well-known Musenmai polishing system, although unlike Musenmai, Kapika polishing does not utilize water.

Our inspiration for the Komachi line is the famous Japanese poetess Ono no Komachi. In addition to her gift for the written word, she was noted as having a rare, natural, flawless beauty. Our Komachi pearls of rice possess a natural clarity complimented by a lustrous finish and gentle sweet flavor. This pure finish can be noted visually as well as by the even, smooth mouth feel. Komachi rice plates beautifully for elegant presentation.

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