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Farmernut Holdings Inc has a great range of plant-based products manufactured in the USA and also imports some snack foods from South Africa.

The idea behind Farmernut started with Rynold Steenkamp, a South African macadamia nut farmer who visited the USA and saw an opportunity to add value to his crop.

He set out to develop macadamia nut bars and along the way added some other premium products to the ever-expanding Farmernut brand.

We offer the following Sku’s:
Snacks 26 Sku’s
Bars 13 Sku’s
Dried Fruit 24 Sku’s
Nuts 24 Sku’s
Treats 12 Sku’s

Meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Social sustainability
Created more than 650 additional jobs, mostly for women who are often the breadwinners in their families.

Human sustainability
We support an NPO that aims to empower orphans and vulnerable children in White River, Mpumalanga to become socio-economic contributors to the community.

Economical sustainability
Production is controlled from farm to fork, ensuring that all ingredients and materials are of the best quality, ethically sourced, and eco-friendly. This ensures long-term economical sustainability.

Environmental sustainability
By shortening our supply chain and limiting our human activities, we create a culture of consciousness toward our carbon footprint. It is our responsibility to create a world that we are proud of our children to inherit.

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