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“GIORNO BAGNO, the perfect choice as a gift for you and your beloved ones.“

Hi, Everyone!

We, at Giorno Bagno, are proud to introduce our classic luxury bath bar soaps lineup designed for all skin types.

Having achieved our goals with the first sales and consumer approval at Amazon USA and, we are expanding our distribution efforts, and looking for partners to distribute and sell not only our current lineup, but also to support us on our growth with new launches planned yet for the beginning of next year.

Our premium bar soaps are hand-wrapped in beautiful designed papers, and there is a wide range of fruity, floral, herbs, and  Baby Mild Scent to choose from. It is a great size for your basins, baths, or showers.

A perfect choice to gift yourself, your beloved ones, and your customers.

Product Description – 

  • Product: GIORNO BAGNO Luxury Bar Soaps 6.35 oz (180 g)
  • Designed for: GIORNO BAGNO is designed for Everyone who enjoys a pleasant feeling of well-being and personal hygiene.  
  • Ingredients: Giorno Bagno Luxury Bar Soap ingredients are originated from sources either vegetal or mineral or a by-product, not from animal sources, nor tested in animals.


  • extra-moisturizing; 
  • creamy; 
  • long-lasting;
  • carefully hand-wrapped; 
  • our fragrances… nothing alike;
  • 100% paraben-free;
  • 100% propylene glycol free;
  • Long-lasting fragrances.

Unique Selling Propositions: 

  • Availability: Available Now
  • How to sell? as a unit, a bundle of 3 or 6, or the whole display box in the wholesale area.
  • Units per carton: Each Display Box contains18 Luxury Bar Soaps. Also, you can use the Display Boxes on your gondola shelving to attract the customers.
  • MOQ: As an Initial Test, you can choose the quantity according to its deems necessary.  
  • Capable of drop-shipping: Yes


* There are 8 different lovely fragrances to choose from. 

  • Orange Blossom & Vetiver;
  • Roses;
  • Lavender &Vanilla;
  • Olive & Rosemary;
  • Verbena & Sandalwood;
  • Tulip &Cedar;
  • Magnolia &Lychee; and
  • Delicate.

Next Launching Products:

* Giorno Bagno Luxury Bar Soap GIFT SETS 3 bars, Net Wt. 3.53 oz (100g) each – 

Models: Tuscany, Roses, Antique, and Bella Vitta.

* Giorno Bagno UOMO For Men – Moisturizing Bar Soap

Models: Black Oud, Ristretto, and Vintage.

Brand Story:

* GIORNO BAGNO is a premium brand of Total Quimica Ltda, one of the biggest and most traditional Personal Care suppliers in Brazil, with gross annual revenue of over $200MM and more than 25 years in the market. 

* In Brazil alone, Giorno Bagno Luxury Bar Soaps sell around 150K units a month, 40K of this at Sam’s Club Brazilian Stores.

* Total Química is a Brazilian world-class leading enterprise in the personal care and cleaning industries.

* For North America, PrimewayUSA is the exclusive partner for Total Química.

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Also you check our online catalog –

Please let us know if you need any additional information from us in evaluating our company and our bath and body cosmetic lineup. 

Looking forward to doing business with you.

Thank You,


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