Grandma’s Garden

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Our Laundry Soap is tough and hardworking just like Grandma! After all this is the soap that she would make.

-No need to turn to heavy toxic chemicals for cleaning. Those chemicals do all sorts of damage to our skin, lungs, reproductive organs, and brain! Not to mention the pollution of our waterways.

-Grandma got things clean the old-fashioned way and what worked then, still works now. It’s so earth friendly, Grandma would dump the grey water after washing into her garden. This would help repel pesky creatures and her garden would thrive!

-The Original Laundry Bar is great for hand washing, stain removal, and perfect for on the go cleaning.

-The Laundry Soap Powder is a smart choice, safe for high efficiency washing machines and cold water (even the package is biodegradable).

-Extra, naturally essential, laundry boosters are approved by Grandma and bring pleasant aromatherapy, as well as antibacterial properties.

Fabric Freshness sprays can be used to freshen up linens, shoes, and even the bathroom.

-For those who want to get more out of their laundry routine the Wool Dryer Balls will save energy and reduce static.

-The best part is getting that aromatherapy by adding Dryer Freshness on the wool balls for added enjoyment.

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