Healthy and Quality Imported Snacks

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Healthy and Quality Imported Snacks

A range of healthy and quality snacks that are sold at competitive price points to help achieve a powerful purpose: Feeding orphans in Africa.

Several items in this unique imported line of products have been picked up by and by prison commissaries.

With many innovative snacks(High Energy Snack Mix, BBQ-flavored Peanuts, Spicy Coconut-flavored Peanuts & Raisin, Rooibos Tea Fruit Cubes, Raspberry and Beetroot Fruit Cubes, Mango Carrot and Ginger Fruit Cubes, Chocolate-covered Peanut Butter Energy Bar, Chocolate-covered Yoghurt Energy Bar, etc.), this product line IS sure to be a winner for distributors, retailers, and more importantly, customers.

To keep our product line fresh, we currently import small quantities at a time. So, order yours TODAY, before we run out.

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