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HYGE is an innovative lifestyle company, creating sustainable products that we intelligently design for humans and our planet. We take pride in being a lifestyle brand that focuses on creating a thoughtful, cleaner and environmentally friendly standard in daily life. By stripping away the impurities of the modern world we crafted biodegradable products to be the answer to sustainable hygiene.

We have HYGE paper that is a biodegradable and flushable toilet paper. This roll is inside a container that is made from pulp. The pulp container is compostable, reusable, and made with HYGE’s Patented Compostable Container Technology. The wipe itself, is fully flushable meaning that it is clog safe and septic safe along with containing no dyes or perfumes.

HYGE also offers a reusable straw. This straw can come in different colors and flavors. We recommend that it is used up to four times, being rinsed quickly in-between each use. These straws are biodegradable helping reduce plastic waste amongst our planet. Using the same technology we ensure compostability amongst all our products.

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