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About Klio Tea, LLC

Klio is a producer of Greek Single-Origin Olive Oil, Honey and Herbal tea. Our producer partners are small artisans in the most renowned and pristine areas of Greece (Ikaria, Sparta, Delphi, Olympus, etc).

We have been in business since 2014 as a direct-to-consumer brand known for unique products and exceptional quality.  Our e-commerce conversion rates and repeat purchase rates are 2-3x the CPG average – with minimal price promotion.  Our customer base spans the entire US and our average e-commerce order consists of 3.2 items.

The following Klio products are currently available for wholesale as a bundle to include: olive oil + 2 or more of our honeys. Our warehouse is located in Naperville, IL.

Klio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Kalamata, Greece (PDO)
Klio Pine/Wildflower Honey – Ikaria, Greece
Klio Thyme Honey – Ikaria, Greece
Klio Anama Honey – Ikaria, Greece
Klio Fir Honey – Sparta, Greece
Klio Oak Honey – Sparta, Greece

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