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At MESS, we believe achieving a sustainable future is non-negotiable. Because of this, our products are designed with one goal in mind: To End Food Waste. MESS helps you store your food more efficiently — which benefits your home, community, and the world. MESS is the market leader in consumer facing dissolvable labels. Try one of our expertly designed products to make your life easier without compromising the way you do things (or your Tupperware!).

About this item
• No More Sticky Residue – Easily wash away your dissolvable labels under any temperature of water. Completely water soluble.
•Stop Wasting Food – Be certain of what’s inside and how old it is.
Work great as expiration date stickers or use first stickers. Easily know what day of the week your food was stored.
• For Home or Work – Ensure no one steals your lunch thanks to your kitchen labels for containers. Cleanup is easy! Wash away these removable labels from your containers instantly.
• Meal Prep Food Label Magic – Enjoy the perfect removable labels for plastic, metal, glass, or wood containers. Write on your desired message easily.
• Multipurpose – Your washable food labels for containers work great for labeling meal prep containers, canning labels, mason jar labels, or organization in the fridge. Way better than freezer tape!
• The Ideal Kitchen Labels – We promise you’ll love our dissolvable fridge labels and that they will work for whatever you use them for. It’s our promise to you that they’ll be exactly what you need.
• About us – We specialize in all kinds of stickers, but these dissolvable paper ones are our favorite (don’t tell the others)! With how good they work, we know you’ll appreciate them.
• Help the Environment – Accurate labeling helps keep old fridge food, drinks, and containers out of the landfill. It also keeps harmful cleaners out of the drain!

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