Milonga Yerba Mate

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About Milonga Yerba Mate

Milonga Yerba Mate is a family-owned, Miami-based Organic Yerba Mate company, home to the first & only CBD infused organic yerba mate in the world. Currently selling in loose leaf, Keurig cups, & Nespresso capsules in both CBD & non-CBD formats, we strive to become different from the ordinary through the perfect balance between innovation & tradition. We are constantly working with local artists and creative thinkers to build the “support local” identity and profile in South Florida & our non-CBD line of loose leaf is in 100% compostable packaging to help aid in the fight against climate.

At Milonga Yerba Mate, we want our message to be simple, transparent, and direct. We offer you organically grown and certified Yerba mate leaves from some of the healthiest plantations in all of South America, and choose to mix it with a carefully picked water soluble solution of CBD that gives you the powerful, healthy benefits you are looking for.

When someone buys Milonga off the shelves, it is much more than just product. There are centuries of tradition in a superfood as powerful & beneficial as Yerba Mate, and the different ways to consume our Yerba just makes it that much more special. Very soon we will be launching our organic yerba mate in cans as a RTD (ready-to-drink) beverage to make it that much easier to consume!

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