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About Danish Koffie Connection dba Mokk-a

Today we are working with two roasters. One in Marceline Missouri, The Grand Marceline Co., to fill orders under 50 cases. And the other in Houston, Texas, Fresh Brew Group, to fill orders of any size. So, we are ready to talk.

Mokk-a is a collection of true European coffees. My name is Karen Hawa, CEO of Mokk-a. I moved to Europe over 25 years ago and travelling the continent on many occasions I came across some very special and unique coffees. By chance I met an elderly French coffee roaster in Burgundy, who was willing to share his family recipe. That inspired me to see if I could do something different. I had never seen a collection of European coffees from different countries on the US market. I am now proud to present coffees from France, Italy, Sweden, Holland and Switzerland. Here’s the story of how I found Cafe France.

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