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About MOR Snacks

I grew up in Central California where my grandpa had an almond orchard. Years later, as I was prepping for a cycling race, I grew sick of protein bars. They all tasted the same and were full of sugar and random junk. I wanted the real thing I grew up with at my grandpa’s orchard. That’s why I started MOR. It’s real food without a bunch of sugar and added nonsense. In other words, it’s Not Another Bar. I hope you dig it as much as I do. – Morley

Hughson: Almond – Cheddar – Jack – Pecan – Walnut
From my grandpa’s orchard in Hughson and fond memories of roaming through those almond and walnut trees. Hughson is as natural and clean as it comes. Fresh nuts and pure cheese. Find those sweet pecans amidst the punch of pepper jack cheese. *Keto Friendly

Millcreek: Apple – Gouda – Walnut
Our favorite canyon in Salt Lake City is Millcreek. Tall tree. Narrow roads. And plenty of small streams and hidden trails to explore. This is our canyon and our snack to escape and get away from it all.

Pinecrest: Almond – Apple – Cheddar – Grape – Walnut
A mountain lake. Sailboats. Campfires. The cabin at Pinecrest is the stuff of legends. Summers without shirts, shoes, or problems. Pinecrest gives you exactly what you need and is sure to leave you wanting MOR.

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