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Our Mushroom Coffee is created with core values in mind. They are wellness, quality, and sensory appeal.

A family-owned company, La Republica makes instant coffees that veer from traditionally processed ones. Unlike regular coffees, ours is infused with 7 superfood mushroom extracts. Each of these superfood mushrooms contributes significant benefits to the healthfulness of our coffee production. We have our consumers’ wellness in mind and so we produce only the best mushroom coffee that works to support health.

Mushrooms used in La Republica coffee are Chaga, Maitake, Cordyceps, Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, Red Reishi, and Turkey Tail. These are sourced only from the best natural growers all over the world. They are whole fruiting bodies which are not fermented. They are not grown and ground with oats, rice, or any other grains. We value excellence in quality, from raw ingredients to the final product.

Our Mushroom Coffee has darker, richer, and creamier flavor than your usual instant coffees. The earthy, chocolatey goodness of the mushroom extracts sets our coffee apart from the rest. They do the trick at making your coffee drinking experience tastier, adding to its sensory appeal.

•A MAJOR UPGRADE TO YOUR COFFEE HABIT – Our Arabica coffee is infused with specific, meticulously chosen mushroom extracts. Each has unique functions. Together, they enhance the flavor of coffee while reducing the acid levels found in regular coffees. You can enjoy your coffee jitter-free!

•SUPERFOOD MUSHROOMS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE – Chaga works on cold. It contributes to the skin’s natural glow and reduces certain inflammation. It also allows for healthier hair growth. Maitake improves digestion while Cordyceps increases energy levels. Shiitake supports liver function while Lion’s Mane enhances focus and nervous system functions. Reishi beats stress resulting in better sleep while Turkey Tail works on cell damage.

•HARVESTED ONLY FROM THE BEST MUSHROOM GROWERS – The mushrooms we use are sourced only from the best natural growers around the world. We only use whole fruiting bodies. They are not fermented. They are not grown and ground with oats or other grains either.

•PACKED WITH HEALTH BENEFITS – Our coffee is a rich source of vitamins and nutrients necessary to support functions of the immune system. It also contains natural properties that ward off detrimental free radicals.

•LEAVES ZERO WASTE – La Republica utilizes reusable jar that doesn’t easily go to waste. Our amber jar has protection against UV light to help lock in vital nutrients contained in your coffee. This also keeps it fresh and crisp.

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