Nucolato Hazelnut Spread

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About Nucolato

Chocolate hazelnut spread has been my go-to snack since childhood. Scooped out with a spoon, spread over bread, or on the side with fruit (or cookies); simple and delicious! I wanted consumers to believe that they didn’t have to compromise the rich taste and velvety texture for a healthier alternative. The desire to make this vision a reality set us on this journey…

With the help of my family, I created Nucolato at the age of 17! Our shared love for healthy food and a vision to offer healthier and tastier alternatives brought us to what we are today: A brand committed to positively impacting the fight against diabetes and obesity. How can we help? By making healthy choices easy, without compromising the taste and quality of products that our consumers deserve.

Nucolato offers just that; putting health and our planet first (diabetic-friendly, keto-friendly, no sugar added, and zero palm oil). Nucolato is a hazelnut spread that’s too good to be true!

This product has been a source of joy, unity, and hard work within our family.

We hope you enjoy us!

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