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New and innovative OBA Organic Baked Apple Snacks for foodies who are looking for the next best thing in health eating.

OBA’S One – of- a – kind Product are made from real apples with only the highest quality Organic 4 ingredients: Apples, Egg Whites, Cane Sugar, Fresh pressed Lemon Juice. We are passionate about healthy living, so our products are made in small batches with the care and attention only a family can provide. We have Gluten Free, USDA Organic and Kosher certification.

APPLE BREAD is soft, puffy and makes the most delightful sandwich bread; sweet, tart flavor of apples shine through; enjoy your sweet or savory sandwich on our gluten free bread; sip a cup of coffee or tea with apple bread as a treat.
APPLE CRISPS make for deliciously airy, healthy snacks or desserts; bursting with the tart, sweet balance you expect in organic apples; our light, puffy gluten free snacks are perfect when enjoyed with wine, cheese, dips, charcuterie board and much more…

APPLE SNACKS are bursting with flavor and a satisfying crunch; our baking process preserves the tart but sweet balance you expect in organic apples; gluten free, organic snack loved by kids and parents alike.

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