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About the company Oceans 10 INC  (brand: Daily Supplements)

Daily Supplements offers plant-based health products for everyday use. Our goal is to create awareness for a healthy lifestyle without harming our planet. This mission guides the development of all our products.

All of our products are 100% plant-based, with a focus on algae oil. Algae is the main source of omega-3, not fish. (Fish contain omega-3 because they eat omega-3 rich algae; which we grow sustainably on land)

Our game changers are:
– Daily Omega-3 DHA+EPA – the highest dosage plant-based omega-3 supplement available in the world (patented formula) (100% vegan)
– Daily Omega-3 DHA – the perfect vegan replacement for fish oil (but without the fishy burps and 100% sustainable & 100% vegan)
– Daily Vrill Omega – the first 100% plant-based alternative to traditional krill omega (also krill contain omega-3 because they eat algae) (100% vegan)
– Daily Omega-3 Junior DHA with Vitamin D-3 – fish-free omega-3 fatty acids especially for children, supplemented with Vitamin D-3 (100% vegan)
– Daily Omega-3 DHA+EPA Liquid: plant-based liquid omega-3 supplemented with vitamin D-3 (100% vegan)
– Daily Astaxantin – 100% organic astaxanthin supplemented with 110mg of omega-3 (100% vegan)

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