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OneTab is the one cleaning tab that is better for society and the planet. With OneTab, you can make a difference. Less plastic, less transport of water and CO2, biodegradable chemistry, and powerful cleaning. It’s so simple, add water!
OneTab ensures a 100% accurate blend every time. Just drop the OneTab in a 32oz bottle, fill with warm water and shake. OneTab is a proven and effective standardization of detergents for different purposes. The tablets are biodegradable, and consumers are encouraged to reuse the bottles over and over again. A more accessible, more environmentally friendly, and cleaner alternative!
OneTab assists in reducing global waste by providing an eco-friendly refill solution with a cleaning tab system. Our system centers around the repurposing of any clean 32oz household spray bottle. Refillable bottles reduce the environmental impact of unneeded bottle production and reduce the accumulation of discarded plastic bottles in landfills. OneTab also reduces shipping cost and CO2 significantly compared to the transport of corresponding traditional detergent bottles.

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