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Organifi Immunity is a delicious orange blend formulated to keep your immune system strong and smart! Immunity contains high potency mushroom beta-glucans, 500% of your daily vitamin C needs, in addition to bioavailable zinc and vegan vitamin D3. Whole food, organic, non-synthetic immunity blends that are genuinely absorbable by your body.

Take 1 serving to support the immune system and 2 servings when fighting a cold
Consuming 2 packets in one day to meet the effectiveness of a full dose of beta-glucan (200 mg)
Keep it on hand for anytime your immune system is stressed.

Organifi Immunity is designed to deliver essential nutrients into the body, such as vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D, along with beta-glucans from mushrooms, designed to keep your immune system strong and smart on a daily basis.

It’s great to take Immunity every day, especially during the winter months when your vitamin D levels may drop and your exposure to colds and influenza may increase.

A smart immune system is just important as a strong immune system, because we don’t want our immune cells over-reacting, creating excess inflammation and turning on us!

Immunity also contains Olive Leaf, an herb known for its immune-strengthening properties, as well as anti-viral properties!

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