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“I’m in “awe” of Panacheeza. My family had it on pasta last night and it’s the most parmesan-like vegan parmesan I’ve ever tried! Growing up as a very picky vegetarian, the mainstay of my diet was pasta with lots and lots of parmesan cheese, so parmesan was one of the hardest things for me to “give up” when I went vegan. I’m so excited about Panacheeza!”

Michelle Cehn
Founder & CEO, World Of Vegan
Host, Plant Powered People Podcast
Author, The Friendly Vegan Cookbook

Panacheeza – Plant-based grated parmesan cheese alternative

​Elevate any pantry and culinary experience with our groundbreaking plant-based grated parmesan cheese. We’ve reimagined traditional parmesan to create a masterpiece that satisfies everyone’s cravings while aligning with their values. All the while, capturing the nostalgia of old country Italian parmesan cheese.

Crafted for Perfection: Panacheeza was created out of necessity. Our creator, Janessa Steenberg, meticulously crafted each batch to capture the essence of authentic parmesan. Drawing from her Italian-Maltese heritage and knowledge of navigating the kitchen alongside her grandmother, she developed Panacheeza to serve her on going vegan lifestyle. The result is a finely grated cheese that boasts the same irresistible nutty and savory notes as traditional parmesan, making it the perfect companion for any dish. As demand grew in her inner circle of friends and family she quickly realized that there was a need in the market for her cheese. Panacheeza was born.

Pure Ingredients, Bold Flavor: Embrace the power of natural goodness. Our plant-based grated parmesan cheese is created from a carefully curated blend of 5 premium plant ingredients. No artificial flavors, no fillers – just pure, bold flavor that ignites your taste buds and enriches ones lifestyle.

Versatile Culinary Magic: From pasta and salads to roasted vegetables and sauces, our plant-based grated parmesan cheese effortlessly elevates your creations. Sprinkle it, melt it, or savor it as a standalone snack – the possibilities are endless.

Nourishing and Wholesome: Indulgence meets nutrition in every bite. Our innovative formula and trade secret protected process is not only rich in flavor but also packed with essential nutrients that promote your well-being. Say goodbye to guilt and hello to a healthier indulgence.

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