Redneck Lipstick

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About Redneck Lipstick

There are lots of regional BBQ styles: Texas is spicy, Kansas City pairs up tomato and molasses, Memphis is on the sweet side and Carolina-style sauce is tangy with mustard and vinegar. Redneck Lipstick Original is a blend of all of the above. It’s got just the right Smoky Sweet & Spicy Smooth flavor.
This isn’t a sauce you put on things; it’s a way to barbecue ANYTHING.

Like we said before, this idea isn’t just better — it’s DIFFERENT. And that gives us the chance to create a new category.
What we’re saying is, our sauce isn’t a condiment; it’s a way to turn anything into BBQ.
Barbecue also generally means, time- and effort-consuming. And lots of people who probably love the flavor of barbecue, don’t relish the idea of cooking (seems few people enjoy cooking these days). So this idea can offer instant satisfaction by saying, “This isn’t some sauce, it’s a way to barbecue anything, NOW!”
All three products are certified Gluten Free!


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