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We are a passionate family of beekeepers. Our purpose is to positively impact the environment with sustainable beekeeping preserving our local bee population and creating delicious, convenient, and high-quality products based on honey.

Holy Hive is an innovative, healthy, delicious, and practical product. Our bee honey powder is a healthy, natural, and convenient alternative to using unhealthy artificial sweeteners or sugars to sweeten food, drinks, and desserts. It is made with real organic honey that is dehydrated and presented in a powder form, maintaining all the health benefits of using regular honey; it’s gluten-free, kosher, keto-friendly, low in calories, and has no added sugar, artificial colors, or preservatives. It is also non-sticky and non-messy perfect for cooking, baking, or sweetening your favorite drink. We have two presentations: a 300g bag and a 100g box with 50 to-go packets.

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