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About ShadyBeans Coffee

Our product selection has been hand selected from as far south as the high mountain peaks of Colombia, the lush depths of Guatemala, to the arid soil of Ethiopia and the beautiful Kailua-Kona in Hawaii.
We currently roast 6 coffees.
· Guatemala Dark Roast shades of Chocolate and Molasses
· Colombia Dark Roast with shades of Raisins, Honey and Caramel
· Medium Blend with shades of Blueberry, Cherry and Honey
· Ethiopian Light Roast with shades of Blueberry, Jasmine and Citrus
· Honduran Espresso with shades of Citrus, Cherry and brown spice
· Maubisse Decaf with shades of Raisins, Honey and Caramel
Our Iced coffee and Nitro beans are sourced from Central and South America with shades of citrus, raisin and a coco-like finish

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