Smoking Tin Roof

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About Smoking Tin Roof LLC

Smokin’ Tin Roof LLC is an artisanal hot sauce company founded by a passionate husband-and-wife duo with a love for intense flavors and a touch of heat. Based in New England, the company prides itself on crafting gourmet spicy sauces that go beyond the ordinary. The heart of their creations lies in the meticulous blending of fire-roasted peppers, precisely measured spices, and adherence to stringent industry food safety standards. The result is a collection of sauces that strike the perfect balance between heat, sweetness, and savory notes.

From the versatile Smoky Peppah to the intriguing Grow A Pear with its unique combination of pears, cinnamon, and ghost pepper powder, each sauce is a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional taste experiences. Smokin’ Tin Roof LLC has become a fixture at state fairs, craft fairs, and festivals, sharing their unique take on spicy sauces with enthusiasts far and wide. These outstanding sauces are now conveniently available for purchase at various retailers, bringing the bold and unique flavors of Smokin’ Tin Roof into kitchens everywhere.

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