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About Somnus

With the help of their hemp blend and all-natural formula, Somnus is dedicated to promoting a restful, deep sleep without making you feel groggy in the morning. Somnus has made it their mission to uphold the importance of physical and mental wellness while rejecting No-Sleep as a suitable answer!

Somnus is a business that specializes in products with CBN (cannabinol). Somnus uses GMP-certified processes from formulation to packaging in an FDA approved facility to ensure they are achieving industry-leading quality control. Modern technology combined with clean extraction methods also ensure industry leading quality and purity with their hemp blend.

The company’s creators, Frank Enright and Guillaume Plante, aimed to develop the SOMNUS formulation to complement the calming and sedative effects of CBN and they did just that! Somnus provides customers with an all natural formulation that features a lineup of super star active ingredients such as magnesium, gaba, L-theanine and more which you can find on each respective product label. User and store owner feedback has been positive praising product quality, consistency and affordability. To find out for yourself how Somnus can help regulate your sleep schedule, check out

Featured Product: 30 Count SOMNUS Bedtime Gummy Bottle (30 Day Supply) CBN

Somnus’ Bedtime Gummies is an all-natural formulation paired with our all natural CBN formulation. Wake up clear and focused. A better tomorrow starts today, sleep with Somnus.

Product Highlights:
All natural CBN formulation
*For relief of occasional sleeplessness
Wake up clear and focused
Made with organic ingredients
NON-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free
THC Free
GMP Certified, Made in USA
Mixed Berries
30 Servings
Net Wt. 4.76oz (135g)

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