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About SweetyTreatyCo

SweetyTreatyCo specializes in creating innovative freeze-dried treats that offer a unique and delightful snacking experience. Founded in 2020, SweetyTreatyCo was born from a passion for transforming traditional snacks into something extraordinary. Utilizing advanced freeze-drying technology, we preserve the vibrant flavors and transform the textures of our treats, resulting in light, crunchy, and intensely flavorful snacks.

Freeze-Dried Peach Rings, Watermelon Gummies, Fruity Puffs and Sour Worms are a twist on classic candies. These gummy treats undergo a special freeze-drying process to remove all moisture, transforming them into a light, crunchy, and airy treat with intense flavor that is locked in and amplified.

Freeze-Dried Crunchies take the beloved Skittles candy to new heights. Each skittle maintains its signature taste but with a unique texture that shatters in your mouth, providing a satisfying and addictive flavorful crunch. The Freeze-Dried Rainbow Chews have a similar look but the flavor is more tangy. They crunch, fizzle and melt in your mouth.

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