The Herban Shaman Mushroom Products

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The Herban Shaman Mushroom products combine traditional nutrition supplementation with an herbal medicine twist.

Old-school formulations are honored while modern scientific research is respected and utilized.

Each product supports brain, immune system and overall health, while decreasing stress and increasing energy and serenity.

Our proprietary blend of mushrooms and herbs can be used to support cognitive health, concentration, and memory. Can also support healthy functioning on in all aspects of the body and its main functions.

Energy & Stamina – Cordyceps and Ginkgo mushroom ingredients support energy and endurance. Cordyceps may support healthy cell function.

Organic & Natural – All-natural mushroom ingredients that are not only healthy but are also vegan-friendly so you can focus on getting healthy.

The Herban Shaman – Premium quality, non-GMO organic mushrooms, which are free of hormones. Mushrooms are directly sourced from organic farmers and manufactured at a GMP certified facility in the USA.

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