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About The Newtriment Store
Natural Product Line To Replace Antibiotics for Urinary Tract Infections

The Newtriment Store is an online retailer selling an entire line of natural supplements to help consumers manage urinary tract infections (UTIs). The fact is that doctor-prescribed antibiotics no longer work effectively to treat this condition, and according to the CDC the US is now faced with an “antibiotics crisis”.  

Large US Market

Our research shows that an estimated 40 million men and women in the US each year are actively seeking ways to deal with this painful, chronic illness on their own. 

Destination Product

We are currently successfully selling a large volume of products online, but we’ve had tremendous demand from prospects and customers to be able to buy our products locally.  When a painful UTI strikes, they want to run to the nearest store to get these products. Due to three years of advertising, the Goodbye UTI brand is well-known and trusted-the one they ask for first.

Unique Packaging Opportunity for More Visibility and Higher Profit 

Our product line is unique in positioning the entire set of products to deal with each stage of this condition, and customers typically buy all four items.   

  • Test strips to confirm presence of infection
  • D-Mannose powder to quickly relieve symptoms 
  • Extra Strength liquid to eliminate chronic infections 
  • Cranberry capsules to prevent new infections

Most competitors are selling the D-Mannose or cranberry products as “one-off” supplements in health food stores at low ticket prices. 

Retailers would have the option to purchase individual products or an attractive package containing all four products which will not only make them stand out, as well as generate significantly more profit per sale.

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