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Tin Roof Kitchen and Home was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in El Campo, Texas. We are a full-service wood shop and sawmill offering a wide range of products and services such as cutting boards, custom furniture and carpentry, kiln drying, milling, turning, and planing. Our family owned and operated sawmill is located at the Pratka Ranch in Lane City, Texas. Tin Roof Kitchen & Home founder, Kurt Pratka, grew up watching and learning from his father Mark Pratka who has always had a talent and passion for woodworking. Still today, they can be found at the saw mill or in the wood shop working on the details of projects for customers around the United States. We have since come a long way and are eternally grateful for our growth. In 2017, Tin Roof Kitchen & Home received two awards for excellence in wood design from the Texas Forestry Association.

At Tin Roof, we pride ourselves on being a reliable part of the moments that friends and families share when they gather in a home. Each Tin Roof Kitchen and Home product is unique and individually handmade from the finest wood. Our primary product line has always been hardwood cutting boards but we have expanded our offering to many other product categories such as tables, stools, doors, mantles, flooring, paneling and the list goes on. We aim to enhance our customer’s home by combining exquisite form and durable functionality in everything we create. We also offer design and engraving for added personalization or corporate events and company gifts. Although we specialize in reclaimed Pecan wood, Tin Roof also offers a variety of domestic and exotic woods that include but are not limited to: Walnut, Maple, Oak, Mesquite, Mahogany, Hickory, Cedar, Padauk, Purpleheart, Teak, as well as a wide selection of African hardwoods sourced from reclaimed trees. Specific woods are available upon request.

Each Tin Roof Cutting Board is unique and individually crafted. Our boards are not stained. They are only sand-ed and moisturized to enhance each board’s natural colors. In addition to the boards we manufacture here in Texas, we have just added imported Acacia wood Cutting Boards that allows us to offer a much more price competitive board and also allows us to handle very large volume orders from major distributors and large box stores.

Cutting Boards:
Our manufacturing process and variety of cutting boards allow us to bring value without sacrificing quality.

  • The Canopy Grove Collection has a linear grain design that makes them quicker to manufacture enabling larger order fulfillment in shorter periods of time. These flat grain cutting boards are made with hand selected hard-woods so you know they are the best quality for the best price. More than just a chip off the old block, the Canopy Grove Collection is handmade with solid Texas Pecan wood reclaimed straight from nature. Perfect for small daily prep needs, it is easy to manage, wash and store. The board is finished unstained and elegantly displayed in long lines of contrasting hues. An essential piece for the carver-happy home chef. We are offering our Sharp Chef 17” X 11” X 2”
  • The Medley Collection is also linear in design but offer a variety of woods. Handcrafted with a combination of select walnut, oak, pecan, purpleheart, mahogany, and padauk, this piece is sure to be a conversation starter. The Medley Collection is a modern twist on a classic necessity and a must have for the at-home chef who has it all. We are offering the Kitchen Mate – 13” X 11” X 2”
  • Park House Collection is our NEWEST ADDITION. They are crafted from Acacia Wood in a linear grain design and feature a deep routed juice ring to ensure the countertop stays clean. We import these boards by the container load which allows us to offer a very competitive price point and handle large volume orders. We are offering our Small Park House 16” X 12” X 1”
  • Our Carving Board is large enough for the ultimate carnivore. This cutting board is crafted from reclaimed Tex-as Pecan to be the go-to for your meat carving needs. Serve your award-winning brisket and ribs or turkey dinner with as much pride as you take in preparing them. The carving board features a linear grain design, a deep routed juice ring and convenient “built-in” carry handles on each end. The Carving Board is available in one size: 30″ x 16″ x 1.25″
  • Large Breadboard is made of solid pecan wood, this slender boards is ideal for serving and displaying.
    Size 24” X 6” X 5/8”

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