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About TUPA Bars

TUPA stands for ‘The Under Privileged Angels’. It’s a socially responsible product (All natural ingredients) for athletes needing high protein. Each TUPA bar has 100% natural whole grain ingredients with NO refined sugar, no chemicals, and no artificial flavors. TUPA is a unique product disrupting the CPG industry that consists of insalubrious ingredients and products.

Beyond the product, we are a mission-driven company. From Day 1, we had only one goal in mind, the underprivileged children. We want to strike out hunger, fight diseases and impart education to children worldwide. Every day, we wake up committed to using our resources to build a world where everyone may live a healthy and productive life. Above all, we think that all lives are equally valuable. That is why we have decided to donate 100% of all our profits to global children’s charities across four continents. In the history of mankind, this is probably the only company that has donated all its profits to charity.

Our passion is to create an all-natural, socially responsible product that empowers high-performing athletes to achieve greater heights. Whether you are a rugged football player, an anxious college graduate, an overworking executive, or a single mom doing double jobs, the TUPA Bar will give you the energy you need from a product that contains zero harmful chemicals or substances. Our passion is to create the tastiest brittle bar in the world with only natural ingredients. We are possibly the only BRITTLE bar in the market vs the generic chewy bars. And how do we do this? Our special ingredient jaggery is a game-changer. Jaggery is a by-product of sugar cane and it’s neither the unhealthy refined sugar nor is it the tasteless sugar-free sweeteners.

To conclude, our Unique features include:
-TUPA Bars are protein bars with a secret ingredient (Jaggery).
– Brittle bar (a differentiator in a crowded chewy bar market)
– No chemicals or preservatives
– 100 percent of all profits go to charity
– Zero refined sugar, no sweeteners, uses only jaggery which is a digestive supplement

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